Africa Oil & Power: Dealmakers to gather in Paris 

Africa Oil & Power says it will host Francophone African government delegations and European financiers at the first AOP Investor Forum to be held in Paris in 2021 on June 16-18.

The event, a two-day programme, is “entirely dedicated to getting major commitments committed and signed,” according to AOP, between European investors and African companies and governments. 

The event is expected to promote continued synergy between petroleum and renewables actors and drive a new positive narrative aiming to balance African development needs, climate goals, and economic growth in Africa.
“Energy, in all its forms including oil and gas, is the cornerstone of Africa’s re-emergence from COVID-19. We believe that now is the time for African companies and governments to look again at their European partnerships and to push forward with deals that power their economies,” said AOP’s Managing Director, Renée Montez-Avinir.

She added, “The energy transition, and the future funding of African oil and gas projects, plus Europe’s role in African investment going forward, will be at the heart of our discussions at the Paris investor forum. Oil and gas will continue to play an important part in Africa’s energy mix and economic expansion.”

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