Afrinvest Asset gets A3 Rating, Agusto assigns A

Afrinvest Asset Management has received short term rating of A3 and long-term rating of BBB from Global Credit Ratings (GCR). The company was also assigned the investment manager’s rating of A- by Agusto & Co.

Speaking on Wednesday during a press briefing announcing the ratings, the Chief Investment Officer, Afrinvest Asset Management, Mr Robert Omotunde, said both rating agencies have looked into the company’s books and provided independent reports on its industry status.

The rating agencies’ assessments showed the competence of the company’s staff members, the commitment of the company to delivering superior returns on investment and quality weekly strategy report and insights on fixed income, commodity, currencies.

“It is all of these initiatives that these independent rating agencies have seen. They have also seen that we are a thought leader in investment, and research is at the very core of our business value proposition. Our research subsidiary provides our clients with timely in-depth knowledge on the economy, financial market, development within local and financial market to help them make sound investment decisions,” Omotunde said.

“We have hosted consistently over the last two to three years, quarterly webinars that speak to investment strategy outlook for the next quarter.

“These are reports that typically will guide investors on what investment opportunities are available to them and what to watch out for. One of such is coming up on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, titled: ‘The Investment Strategy Outlook 2023: Hard or Soft Landing’,” he stated.

According to him, Afrinvest Asset Management’s Nigeria International Debt Fund (NIDF) remains one of the oldest and top performing mutual funds in the market, “and has birthed many mutual funds in the market.”

He said, “We have today Afrinvest Equity Fund, which is a mutual fund that tracks equity listed on the Nigerian Exchange. There is also Afrinvest Dollar Fund, launched at the middle of the pandemic in May 2020, and it delivers superior returns to investors.

“The Afrinvest Security Fund is the mutual fund that tracks money market in the investment; the Afrinvest Income Portfolio in Naira and Dollars with over N35bn Assets Under Management, all regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Also speaking, the Chief Business Officer, Optimus by Afrinvest, Ayodeji Ebo, said Optimus, our newly launched investment platform makes transactions accessible to everyone.

He said: “We have spoken about the different mutual funds. But in terms of having access to it, how do you monitor your portfolio? That is what we feel is lacking in the market, and that is what Optimus offers to investors.

“It makes both public and private listed mutual funds accessible for investors to buy and when you also want to redeem, it’s also seamless.”

The Managing Director, Afrinvest Securities, Adedoyin Allen, said the company helps clients to invest in equities and fixed income instruments like your Treasury Bills.

“So, the good rating of Afrinvest Asset Management will strengthen investor confidence in the company, and this will rub off positively on Afrinvest Securities and the other subsidiaries of Afrinvest. At Afrinvest, integrity, professionalism and innovation are our watchwords. These ratings are a testament to that,” she stated.

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