Converting household wastes to useful items

Effective waste management is a necessary skill that individuals in the urban and rural areas of our society should learn. Some people totally depend on waste collectors, who move from place to place to help them dispose of their trash, while others dispose of theirs improperly, thereby adding to the environmental pollution.

Properly managing our waste is one of the ways that we can protect our environment and live healthier lives.

Check this out: Approximately 0.8kg of waste is generated by each individual daily. In fact, those in the city are the worst culprits. They use a lot of packaged products and yet lack a proper guide on how to dispose of them. 

Are you tired of waiting endlessly for trash collectors who come whenever they please? Here are ways in which you can convert your household wastes into useful materials.


Wet waste to organic manure

Do you know that your wet waste products can also be used as manure? Yes, you can. But this is easily achievable when you separate your waste into dry and wet.

On the wet section, you have stuff like leftover foods, roots/stems of vegetables, and fruit peels. These items can be covered in a container and allowed to decompose. They can later be used as organic manure.


Metal scraps to useable metals

Instead of disposing of metal scraps that do not decompose, you can gather them and either sell or hand them over to scrap collectors. These scrap collectors send these metals to panel beaters and blacksmiths who convert them to reusable metals.


Waste products can serve as livestock feed

Spoilt yam, cassava and plantain peels can be used to feed livestock like ram, pig, goat and cow. In case you don’t rear any of these, reach out to farmers who do, as they are in great demand for them.
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