CSOs’ role in advancing empowerment for tech startups


The work of improving our society needs all hands on deck. However, the challenge is that people have their various daily lives with the challenge. This greatly takes a major chunk of their time, such that community development services are the last things on their mind.

Another great point, which is entirely right, is that it is the duty of the government and its various agencies to ensure that the wheels of the society grind adequately. To a great extent, the government does really do these things, at least, at its basic level. But to what level of success? It is to bridge these societal challenges versus the responsibilities of government that we have civil society organisations.


What are CSOs?

These are organisations that function independent of the government and which are also not businesses, but are involved in activities that help improve the society in various ways. A lot of organisations fall under this category. 

According to the World Bank, labour unions, faith-based organisations, professional organisations, charitable organisations and non-governmental organisations fall under this category.

These organisations find a need or challenge existing in the society and then try to bring awareness. Sometimes, if it is an organisation with means, it steps in and try to solve the problem; otherwise, they seek to partner with the government, the populace and relevant institutions to come and find solutions to the challenge.


Startups generally

Primarily, a startup is an organisation in the early stage of its formation. Over time, if the startup succeeds in its goals, it develops further and acquires the necessary administrative structures to function effectively. However, if it fails, it folds up. Sadly, this is the fate of a lot of startups, as statistics show that the majority of startups do not make it beyond the first year.

If there is one thing the above statistic shows, it is that it is not easy to run a startup. However, the ones that do not fold and later go on to succeed usually add a lot, economically, to the society. They have even gone on to revolutionise the world at large. Tech companies are proof of this.


Tech startups

Tech startups are not immune from the challenges that other startups face. In fact, they even seem to face more, as their aim is usually to bring forth inventions that will be of use to society. The research involved in these inventions usually cost a lot. Sadly, in most cases, the owners of these startups simply cannot afford to fund the researches by themselves.

Again, there is a lot of trial and error or mistakes involved in the these inventions, and unless the persons involved in creating the startup have the necessary financial and moral support, their chances of success are slim. This is where CSOs come in.


What can CSOs do?

*Raising awareness: As earlier stated, most individuals and organisations are focused on their own personal or corporate issues and might not be attentive to how important tech organisations are in the society. However, with increased awareness, they get to be informed about it and even get to know how it will greatly help them (the organisations).

*Soliciting government support: CSOs can also solicit the support of government, especially through funding, for tech startups. The government, through CSOs, can create venture capital from which tech startups that meet certain criteria can get crucial funding for their ideas. The government can also, through laws, create enabling environment for startups in general.

*Providing funds: CSOs can also help provide funding for startups. Yes, their support may not be like that of the government, but, as it is said, half a loaf is better than none. This is not forgetting the fact that some of these organisations do have means.



We live in a time of great technological advancements. The inventions of today have generally made life better for the world and have even advanced some countries greatly. This goes to show that tech startups, which can go ahead to become tomorrow’s global tech companies, should be greatly encouraged, and CSOs can help do this.

Creative space is particular about the empowerment of tech startups within the ecosystem and as such has set up programmes that will to drive this mission.

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