Firm slams class-action lawsuit on Amazon over eBook pricing Incorporation is facing a class-action lawsuit for inflating prices of ebooks in collusion with some publishers, Reuters has reported.

According to the report, the lawsuit alleged that Amazon and the five largest United Stated publishers, collectively called the ‘Big Five,’ agreed to price restraints that cause consumers to overpay for eBooks purchased through a retail platform other than the company’s website,

The lawsuit comes a day after Connecticut said it was investigating Amazon for potential anti-competitive behaviour in its business selling digital books, although Amazon reportedly declined comments.

About 90 per cent of eBooks were sold through Amazon, the largest US eBooks seller, the lawsuit claimed.

Law firm, Hagens Berman, in 2011, filed a similar lawsuit against Apple and the ‘Big Five’ over ebook prices.

Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex reports the Capital Market, Energy, and ICT. He is a skilled webmaster and digital media enthusiast.

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