‘Good governance beckons for Enugu State’

You made our state proud and your demand for fresh ideas and good governance was loud and clear on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

By sacking the Peoples Democratic Party after 24 years of plunder, impunity and inept governance, you deserve every encouragement and commendation.

It is for this reason, therefore, that I thank you all for your willingness and

disposition towards the 2023 general elections. Your eagerness for change became urgent and the imperative was your resolve to vote out the PDP and its vestiges of political corruption and socio-economic neglect.

Voting out a party that has squandered our common patrimony was not a mean feat, because the PDP governments captured our resources and showed in words and actions that they do not have the interest of Enugu people at heart.

Your united action is the right step at this critical juncture of our political

experience, when the knees of many political godfathers are on our necks through economic deprivation. We can no longer breathe.

It is no longer news that the PDP has not only declined in political morality over the years, but also grown wanton in impunity. It has impoverished our beloved state and marred the progress of democratic governance and its tenets.

Having subjected Enugu people to an abysmally clueless and rudderless leadership in the last eight years, the PDP forgot that the era of bad governance in Enugu, the South East and indeed Nigeria will come to an end. With your votes, you have reminded them the proverb, “Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner.” You proved that, indeed, power belongs to you, the people. In the light of this, I say a big thank you for voting out the PDP.

Come March 11, 2023, you have to finish what you started by taking the next step by voting the All Progressives Grand Alliance unanimously in order to elect individuals with integrity, credibility and sound understanding of the  state’s legislative system. This is very crucial. It is the quality of lawmakers and governor you elect that will birth the good governance our people yearn for.

As you all know, yours truly, Barrister Oby Onwe, is running on the ticket of the All Progressives Grand Alliance – APGA – for Aninri Constituency in

Enugu State House of Assembly. My decision to offer myself for service is to redress the 24 years of underdevelopment, neglect, and indifference that the PDP has foisted on the good people of Aninri.

I have a rich experience in contributing, monitoring and evaluating government programmes and policies. It is this wealth of experience that I want to bring to bear as the representative of the great people of Aninri at the state legislature to ensure that due process and accountability are adhered to in the conduct of legislative businesses.

I am ready to serve my people with a high sense of responsibility, openness and accountability.

I am coming to do things differently. That is why the resolve of Enugu people to reject the old ways excites me. I have, therefore, outlined my key legislative agenda in such a way to enhance good governance, inclusive development, and human capital empowerment in Aninri and Enugu State.

Improving the lives of our people after the prolonged social trauma in the hands of the PDP is a critical assignment for me. I am fully committed to making Aninri the food basket of the state and the South East region.

I will encourage the expansion of agro-allied processes and the value chain for the farm produce of our rich arable land. Consequently, I plan to utilise my position in the House of Assembly to propose far-reaching bills with special bias for poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship for the women and youths in Aninri.

When you cast your vote for me and the APGA on Saturday, March 11, be assured that Oby Onwe will reciprocate with strong advocacy for a better and brighter future for every Aninri indigene.

Ndi Aninri, the time has come for us to make a choice for the growth and progress of our constituency. The time has come for us to work collaboratively to impact all our communities positively. From Mpu, Okpanku, Ndeabor, Oduma to Nenwe and beyond, the time has come for us to choose the APGA – a party that stands for social justice and equal opportunity.

Let us go in the spirit of unity and the quest for a better tomorrow to vote for the APGA and an individual that has a track record of integrity and transparency. It goes without saying that quality leadership with character, competence, and capacity is the key catalyst for any nation or community to achieve sustainable economic growth, social development and shared prosperity.

Getting committed and capable leadership depends on committed citizens, who exercise their civil rights by choosing credible and transparent individuals that can be held accountable.

Good governance refers to the ability and disposition of a government to effectively formulate beneficial policies to the populace. It is the nature of these policies, especially on the economic front, that contributes to growth, stability and community welfare. Further, these policies rest on accountability, transparency, popular participation, and the rule of law.

Aninri and, indeed, Enugu State cannot afford to miss out in the unfolding paradigm shift across the country. The old order is fading, giving way for a reformed society.

It is a new dawn. Vote the APGA. Vote for progress and accountability. Let us be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.


Okokorokooo! Onye ahanna nwanne ya.

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