Tech-driven, growth-oriented Afrinvest soars in wealth management

In a world where technology is advancing fast, financial institutions are recognising the role of technology in business growth and profit maximisation. As a result, an asset management company with more than 20 years’ experience in collation, consolidation, reconciliation and portfolio management, has embraced technology in its operations.

What began as Securities Transactions and Trust Company (Nigeria) Limited in 1995 has developed into a hub of reference for financial corporations in the country. 

Asset management professionals are becoming authorities in their fields as they use cutting-edge technology to keep up with changing customer demands, stricter regulations and project expansion. This enables them to assign tasks digitally, as well as boost productivity and efficiency.

The way technology is used in asset management is fundamentally changing how goods and services are distributed around the world. Therefore, to deliver better client experience at scale and increase client acquisition and retention, the most successful asset managers of the future will need to embrace technology in asset management distribution.

Asset managers have understood the trend to serve their clients better, while continuing to meet rising expectations for levels of individualised service to succeed in a more competitive future operating environment.

Asset management companies must, therefore, use technology and a process to continuously innovate to meet financial sector demands and increase wealth.

For this reason, a renowned asset management firm that holds a portfolio manager licence from Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission provides top-notch asset management services to a variety of high networth and widely affluent individual clients. 

Through equity-focused, debt-focused and hybrid unit trust investment schemes, the firm provides investors with direct, professionally-managed access to the Nigerian capital market through its subsidiary, Afrinvest Asset Management Limited.

Given the importance of technology in its operations, the firm recently launched a digital investment app; a financial technology solution that helps customers do the most by integrating banking, wealth management and brokerage needs into a single platform.

It employs a proprietary factor model that identifies securities by ranking them according to a number of important factors, taking into account that technical analysis is still a valid part of its decision-making process and is necessary to ensure long-term returns. These include technical performance, fundamentals and other qualitative aspects like management history and governmental policy.

Afrinvest’s Group Managing Director, Ike Chioke, stated recently at the unveiling of Optimus in Lagos, “Our risk management policy ensures that we prioritise asset class diversification and execute clients’ transactions in accordance with global best practices. We have built, specifically for you, a personalised digital wealth management neobank platform that provides bespoke and innovative financial services to help you reach the peak in your finances.” 


Research, operations and investment banking

Investment Banking Franchise, a subsidiary of Afrinvest, has developed a reputation for delivering services with innovation, technical know-how and international connections, while combining extensive local and international market expertise. The firm is the best option for clients in need of investment banking products and services due to its reputation and credentials.

Afrinvest places research at the centre of its business value proposition because it wants to give of its clients – internal and external – the in-depth knowledge and thought leadership they need to make wise investment decisions. Given the knowledge, their research publications are regarded as some of the most intelligent and comprehensive due to the skill, knowledge and experience of the company’s research analysts.


Other services

Afrinvest Trustees Limited offers a range of services, including the administration of trusts, management of investments and comprehensive wealth management. They are the preferred local partners for foreign and multinational companies looking to conduct business in Nigeria due to their professionalism and strong brand recognition among their peers. 

Afrinvest uses its extensive expertise, cutting-edge technology and customer-focused professional staff to guarantee client satisfaction. The clientele’s needs are taken into account when personalising and tailoring their trust services. They are private trust, corporate trust and public trust.

Afrinvest Trustees provides one-of-a-kind and personalised services to ensure that its clients’ needs are met. This is accomplished through asset acquisition, asset management and asset transfer. Its team is responsive to the unique needs of each client, drawing from experience.

Agency, debt capital/syndication and structured finance services are all offered by Afrinvest Trustees. 

In accordance with the law, they also serve as trustees to protect the investments of holders in bonds issued by the Federal Government, state governments, local councils and other government agencies.

Asset management: In accordance with the law, they serve as trustees to protect holders of federal, state, local council and other government agencies’ bonds that have been issued. As a result, they play a crucial part in the entire cycle of investment collation, consolidation, reconciliation and portfolio management.

Securities trading: The Investment Banking Division offers capital and financial advisory services to a variety of clients in a variety of industries, such as financial services, fast-moving consumer goods, power, infrastructure, media, heavy industries and manufacturing, among others. Advice on corporate finance transactions, project financing and assistance with the issuance of equity and debt securities for private, public and governmental clients are all included in the services.

In addition, they help their clients issue a range of corporate, national and subnational debt and equity instruments. The franchise has a proven track record in domestic and international capital markets’ advisory transactions, as well as a wealth of institutional knowledge and experience.  The franchise assists and supports project sponsors in structuring and identifying the best funding options from the beginning to financial close.

Corporate entities, offering legal and administrative services, as well as property management services, are also included in their expertise and services. Assuming the role of trustees for businesses looking for financing from a number of banks, the debt capital markets, or the general public.

All of these are covered by the firm’s consulting services for public corporations, including governmental entities, where they serve as trustees for the issuance of federal, sub-national and municipal bonds, while also computing bondholders’ principal and interest entitlements.

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