Aero aircraft returns after bird strike

A Lagos State- bound Aero Contractors aircraft has returned to Kano State after one of its engines was hit by bird during take-off.

A bird strike is collision between an airborne animal and a moving vehicle.

The management of Aero Contractors, in a statement on Sunday, explained that for precautionary and safety reasons, the company had to make arrangements to ferry the aircraft to Lagos, to enable engineers check the engines and secure the approval of Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority before returning it to service

It further explained that when the captain heard the sound of the bird strike, he made a safety and professional decision to return to land in Kano, despite all the engines being normal and within limit.

“After close examination, with the approval of NCAA and Accident Investigation Bureau, the aircraft was ferried back to Lagos for further examination.

“We are currently doing everything possible to bring our passengers back to Lagos,” it stated.

The carrier expressed regrets over the inconveniences suffered by its passengers on flight N2 142, which occurred at take-off.

Anozie Egole
Anozie Egole
Anozie Egole is a Transport correspondent. He reports Maritime, Aviation and Rail/Road Transport for Financial Street.

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