African firms sue Abbott Laboratories over COVID-19 test kits

Centurion Law Group has been engaged to institute legal action against American multinational health care company, Abbott Laboratories, for willfully undersupplying African suppliers of COVID-19 test kits.

Even when the African parties made orders first, delivery was effected last or not at all.

“Abbott Laboratories should have known better and their handling of orders of COVID-19 test kits have caused serious health and financial damages to many Africans,” stated NJ Ayuk, the Chief Executive Officer of Centurion Law Group.

“We do not take this case lightly. These are trying times, and though a corporation is big and powerful, it does not give it the right to undermine the rights of African companies and governments who placed orders of COVID-19 test products,” added Ayuk.

Abbott has been expanding on the continent and pushing for a lot of new business. Many African suppliers and governments were proactive in their response to the pandemic and placed timely orders with Abbott Laboratories.

The inability of Abbott to execute orders and to deliver came at the expense of African companies causing financial loss and damage to their reputations.

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