Blue Prism accelerates intelligent automation for cloud users

Blue Prism has announced a new offering of Blue Prism intelligent automation software on Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure Marketplaces.

The move is expected to enhance access for both Blue Prism and Microsoft customers, and underwrite Blue Prism’s position as the intelligent automation and robotic process automation leader in the cloud.
The new ‘Bring Your Own Licence’ offering for Azure Marketplace and AppSource is pre-loaded with select Azure Cognitive Services – including Azure Text Analytics, Azure Form Recognizer, and Azure Computer Vision – all of which customers can license directly through Microsoft. 

“This combination of Blue Prism and Azure Cognitive Services gives our customers a greater choice with Artificial Intelligence-enabled, self-service experience that is provisioned via Microsoft Azure,” said Chief Partner Strategy Officer at Blue Prism, Linda Dotts. 

“Advanced intelligent automation in the cloud provides multiple advantages for our customers, most notably the ability to instantly scale to meet enterprise demands.”
Blue Prism accelerators now exist for Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft’s Power Automate gallery, Microsoft’s Healthcare Cloud; with Form Recognizer, Text Analytics and Azure Computer Vision.
“Customers can embrace the transformative potential of intelligent automation and drive impactful change within their organisations, and this is now fully supported by Microsoft,” said Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman of Blue Prism, Jason Kingdon. 

He added, “We are offering customers more flexible cloud deployment options delivering on Blue Prism’s vision of giving customers end-to-end automation solutions that cover the broadest range of information technology environments, including on-premises, hybrid, public cloud, and SaaS.”

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