Blue Prism releases SAP® Accelerators

Driving innovation and disruption with smarter, more capable digital workers, Blue Prism has announced new automation capabilities specifically designed for SAP® ECC and S/4HANA® enterprise users.

Blue Prism® Accelerators for use with SAP® ERP provide hundreds of pre-built automation components and thousands of actions designed to accelerate enterprise resource planning software deployments and migrations with no code. These automations, available free of charge to qualifying customers, can be dragged and dropped with ease into any existing Blue Prism digital workforce, reducing cost while increasing efficiency.

“Unipart Group is committed to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Intelligent Automation is one of many digital technologies we are using to transform our business,” said Androux Reabow, Head of the Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation at UniPart.

“The Blue Prism® Accelerators allow for plug and play automation of many SAP® transactions, reducing the time taken to automate processes, delivering an immediate ROI. This solution will be beneficial for SAP® ECC and S/4HANA® operations and migrations as no additional rework will be required.”

Representing the “next evolutionary milestone” in robotic process automation and intelligent automation companies can now augment and upskill their human talent by downloading specific SAP® competencies and knowledge to Blue Prism digital workers.

These skills cover financial accounting, sales and distribution, materials management, and many other SAP® modules, giving organisations a competitive edge.

More than 400 SAP® pre-built automation components are now available on the Blue Prism® Digital Exchange to support subscribers or through authorised Blue Prism partners. Blue Prism® Accelerators can also be modified to meet specific business processes or third-party requirements.

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