Careerbox set to promote entrepreneurship in Africa

Careerbox, a career based non-profit company, is set to positively touch the lives of one million Africans through its impact sourcing initiatives.

This was disclosed during the Global Impact Sourcing Award where 44 winners emerged based on the use of Impact Sourcing in their business models.

Managing Director at Careerbox, Lizelle Strydom, stated, “At Careerbox, our focus is not just the future of a single individual, but the multiplier effect we can create in their entire community.

“We believe that if you can prepare a young person to invest in their own future, you will inspire their entrepreneurial spirit and they will continue to build on their career and personal achievements, which could potentially create thousands of jobs for others around them.”

The organisation’s efforts towards youth development through education have earned it a Mandela Legacy career programme of choice, as well as being selected as a grantee of the Digital Jobs Africa initiative, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Strydom added, “That dignity inspires confidence, which is the primary missing ingredient we see among thousands of our youths. We are grateful to be recognised for our work and will use this as a platform to amplify this message and impact more lives.”

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chair of International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and CEO of Global Mentorship Initiative, Jon Browning, said, “Impact Sourcing has become an essential component of today’s BPO industry, and service providers recognise this as an effective means for demonstrating social responsibility.”

IAOP is the global association that represents all stakeholders in the outsourcing value chain.

Impact Sourcing equips disadvantaged demographics and long-term unemployed with skills to fill existing, sustainable vacancies, which are sourced through a corporate partner network. The Careerbox model prepares youths and women to engage in earn-while-you-learn programmes and learnerships with a job opportunity outcome at the end. The strategy encourages intentional hiring of workers from disadvantaged communities who have fewer career prospects for sustainable jobs.

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