Easy ways to reduce plastic waste

Plastic waste needs no definition. It is something that we can see in every environment.

Paraphrasing one of the climate change quotes by Kevin Bacon, it is obvious that we are being choked to death by the quantum of plastic that we throw down. It kills our abysses and finds its way into our bodies through bitsy patches that the fish we eat have taken in.

It is obvious that a lot of people are not conscious of the havoc that plastics cause; so, here is a chip.

The United Nations Environment Programme revealed that about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated every year. This means that about a million plastic bags are used every minute. Shocking right? Yeah, it’s that bad.

To worsen it, these plastic elements, after being disposed of, get into the drainage systems and clog them, thereby causing more hazards within the environment.

Getting rid of these plastics can be devastating, but here is how we can control the number of plastics we allow in our space.


1. Use reusable water bottles, not plastics

One of the easiest ways to reduce plastic waste is by reusing the plastics that we already have around. This will help to reduce the production of more plastics. We can achieve this by exchanging plastic disposable water bottles from the grocery store for one applicable water bottle that you can wash and reuse every day. Compared to plastics, glass and pristine sword water bottles are healthier.


2. Use of reusable containers for food

Using plastics for food is a health crime that almost everyone is guilty of. But it is best to use stainless steel food holders to store your food. This is because it does not just help reduce plastic waste, but also helps cover your health from the dangerous particles of plastic filtering into your food and drinks.


3. Use bar soaps not body wash

Most times, people are made to believe that body wash produces results faster than the bar form of the soap. Well, just to clear your doubts, they produce the same result on your skin. This is because they are produced with the same ingredients and formulations. So, reduce plastic waste by barring plastic bottles of body wash each month. Rather, switch to bars of cleaner that are wrapped in paper or cardboard for a zero waste exchange.

You can also make this exchange for liquid hand soap too.


4. Use matches not lighter

Some people prefer to use lighters to turn on fire because it is more convenient. Well, matches can do the same. So, why not switch to matches, as lighter is not eco-friendly.


5. Avoid using balloons

Balloons are a principal part of most decorations, but since they are harmful to us, we have to restrict any urge to use them. In its place, we can make use of other easily disposable decoration materials to beautify event centres.

Carrying out these exercises might seem little, but when all of us practise this, we will achieve a lot.

 Check us out next week for another edition of discussions on climate change.

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