Ehizua Hub drives creative technology school with partnerships

Ehizua Hub has reiterated its commitment to working with schools to provide creative technology programmes for kids.

In a statement, the Managing Director of Ehizua Hub, Peter Ipemidayo, said creative technology had changed the way people interacted and solved societal challenges. 

He said, “Creativity has been revolutionised with technology, which is the new meaning of innovation. Creative technology ushers in a more integrated and immersive experience in interacting with computers.” 

Ipemidayo explained that creative technology could take the form of multi-sensory experiences recorded using computer graphics, video production, digital cinematography, virtual reality, augmented reality, video editing, software engineering, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, CAD/CAM and wearable technology.

He said, “Our educational system and curriculum have not changed, so Ehizua Hub is working with schools to provide creative technology programmes for kids and prepare them for the future.” 

Continuing, Ipemidayo stated that in a bid to make children ready for the digital world, the company was helping to grow their interest in tech skills and proficiency in creative technology.

This, he said the company does by providing full team support for creative technology programme delivery using Classroom Lab Set Up, Curriculum Design, and Instructor Led Programme.

He stated that learning tech skills was easier when children had hands-on experience with what was being taught using current creative technology programme kits. 

“We equip and train children in digital skills, multimedia skills, and future skills such as coding, game development, web development, app development, animations, graphics design, cinematography, video editing, robotics, drone, AR/VR, and app development,” he said.

According to Ipemidayo, Ehizua Hub also offers training models to suit the convenience, pace and ease of the pupil via its hub, virtual classes, school, boot camps, summer programme and creative club.

“We are excited in successfully delivering creative technology programmes at S-TEE Schools, Corona School Lekki, The Livingsprings Schools, Caleb British International School, Kayron International School, Crane College, and Fundamental High School. 

“Ehizua Hub invites other schools to join its Clients Schools in driving Creative Technology programmes in school to enhance students’ output,” he said. 

As a social enterprise, Ehizua Hub provides equal access to affordable vocational training, quality higher education, fosters innovation and entrepreneurship by bridging financial and digital divides while democratising access to information and knowledge.

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