Facebook launches live audio rooms

Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg, has introduced Live Audio rooms as part of new audio experience on their platform, according to BBC.

Zuckerberg reportedly made the announcement while speaking to journalist, Casey Newton, on Monday.

The company had announced earlier that it would be introducing a new set of audio features for its users in the next couple of months.

This new audio platform will be known as Clubhouse, which is going to allow people to listen and participate in live conversations. Users will have the opportunity to create and share their audio contents with the use of soundbites.

The platform will also create opportunity for users to listen to podcasts live from the Facebook app.

Although the platform will be launched in a few months, it will start with small number of creators.

Facebook’s Fidji Simo said, “Audio seamlessly fits within our busy lives, allows us to be inspired by new ideas, and talks with other like-minds without pressure.”

About the same time, Reddit also announced RedditTalk, as its own version of Clubhouse.

Last year, the Facebook owner was criticised for copying features from smaller companies.

Audio contents have been become popular and most significant amid the Coronavirus Disease.

It is, however, not certain whether the new platform will be for specific users or all Facebook users.

Pelumi Bolawa
Pelumi Bolawa
Pelumi Bolawa is a content developer, writer, researcher and photographer. An intern at Financial Street, Pelumi is also a development administrator.

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