Huawei unveils women developers scheme to drive tech innovation

Huawei has launched Women Developers programme to empower women to create applications and tools that could change the world.

The initiative intends to encourage more women in technological innovation by providing participants with more opportunities for career development, the company stated on Wednesday.

“Any woman developer from around the world can register to join the programme on the HUAWEI Developers official website,” Huawei stated.

According to the tech giant, women desire more opportunities and support that would ensure their access to education and training needed to be fundamentally competitive in the digital economy.

Equipping women with these skills has proven to promote social integration and inclusive as well as diversified societies, it further stated.

“We believe that women will lead technological innovation. We hope that the HUAWEI Women Developers programme will help women better leverage their talents and unique values, and give them opportunities to demonstrate their leadership abilities. This will help make our world a better place,” said Huawei’s Senior Vice President, Chen Lifang.

According to Huawei, the HWD programme is the newest initiative the company has taken as part of its commitment to promoting gender equality.

The company explained that the programme would provide participants with training on tech innovation, career development paths, opportunities to meet tech experts, and participation in hands-on scenario-based experiments and drills.

“Huawei hopes to create a special community for women developers on the Huawei Developers platform, and organise a series of online and offline events.

“Through its existing Shining-Star programme, Huawei also offers women developers special incentives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants from this programme, who develop outstanding projects with big potential, will be featured in future campaigns and invited to other official Huawei events,” Huawei further explained.

The company has successfully launched similar digital skill training programmes for women in many countries, including Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

“Over 30 per cent of trainees in Huawei’s other ICT training programmes, such as Seeds for the Future, are women.

“The HWD programme is now open to women developers from around the world. For more information, visit the Huawei Developers official website,” the statement added.

Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex
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