Julius Berger ventures into agro-processing industry

The board of directors of Julius Berger Plc has approved a diversification opportunity for the company in agro-processing, at a board meeting held recently in Lagos.

In a statement made by the company to the investing public, through the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the board’s decision to seek opportunities in the agro-processing industry, is based on its quest for more operational rigour, given the widespread economic vulnerabilities in the country, and also the resultant reforms by the government.

The board reiterated that Julius Berger’s business is centred around a long-term strategy, and the board is keen to deliver on that strategy, by maintaining and strengthening the company’s competitive advantages in the construction sector, and capital market.

“The board of directors and the executive management of Julius Berger, strongly believe that this diversification direction would support the continued success of the group in the future, and align with the government’s strategic objectives to stimulate value creation in Nigeria,” the company stated.

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