Media entrepreneurs get support from SA firm

Immedia has disclosed that it give its platform to qualifying media entrepreneurs across Africa free for a year, as part of its digital leap programme.

The Durban-based tech company, stated on Thursday, “This includes consultation, training and support to help monetide the technology cumulatively valued at R10m, to help African media entrepreneurs build sustainable community radio by using Fabrik set of cloud-enabled digital tools that empower media entities to live-stream shows, grow and engage with audiences around the world, and benefit financially by monetising their audiences.”

The company, which has the backing of Microsoft and the Industrial Development Corporation, has been developing its Fabrik technology since 2017.

“Fabrik allows media entrepreneurs to upend the traditional notion of ‘we broadcast and you receive,’ by creating a feedback loop that directly helps the stations and listeners that use it to leapfrog old technology to become citizen journalists, and find their strategic space in a digitally-transformed world. It is already being used by 15 commercial clients, including radio stations Gagasi FM, Smile 90.4FM and YFM.” it further stated.

Fabrik’s Head of Business Development and Strategy, Phil Molefe, said, “The programme was key to the company’s vision to spearhead media transformation.

“The uptake of Fabrik by energetic entrepreneurs at community radio stations showed how empowering the suite of digital tools is. It enables them to deepen their relationship with their audience and monetise it sustainably because the quality of their engagement with listeners is meaningful.”

Molefe pointed out that “while community media is often under-resourced and struggles to retain skills, the company’s case studies have shown that it is more than possible for them to thrive, and that the Digital Leap programme is the kind of opportunity they need, and can succeed on.”

According to Tamie Mbombo, Head of Marketing and PR at Izwi loMzansi, one of the largest community radio stations in South Africa, said the platform has revolutionised the station’s engagement with its listeners, and has led the digital charge with featured podcasts and integrated advertising campaigns on the Izwi mobile app.”

“Community media’s aim is to provide trusted information and expression, and Fabrik has helped do that,” he added.

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