Merit RABAT provides mentoring for youths

World Merit RABAT says it is helping youths across the globe to become positive influence in their communities.

It said in a statement, “Amid rising and already existing challenges that our world is facing, World Merit RABAT, a local branch of the international World Merit organisation, has taken on the role of catalyst of change by leading and mentoring youth, towards building themselves and creating positive change for their community and the world.

“World Merit RABAT, which provides youth a ground for self-development and impact, also aims to contribute significantly to the United Nations Agenda 2030, by achieving each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and their 169 sub-targets.”

The organisation added that it was “consistently” working on bringing diverse youths together, based on integrity and inclusivity, noting that its recruitment is based on the famous slogan of the UN SDG Action Campaign ‘Leaving no one behind’.

“Our pillar goal is to empower, mentor and guide the youth how to concretize their own ideas, learn how to manage and lead effectively other teams and increase the reach of their impact.

“By offering new opportunities, and following up with their progress from start to finish, it deems possible with the enormous efforts of the guidance and management of the executive board,” Merit RABAT stated.

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