Mondia brings new entertainment platform, Monsooq, to Nigeria

Mondia, a leading mobile technology company specialising in the marketing and distribution of digital content, has announced its second African launch of the groundbreaking time-based entertainment platform, Monsooq, in Nigeria.

Monsooq is the first-of-its-kind model that utilises time as the currency. Users pay only for the time they spend consuming content and are not required to take out any contracts or subscriptions.

Mondia Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Amadeo Rahmann, said, “Africa is the next frontier in regard to digitalisation. Our extensive footprint, increasing customer base, and significant experience in the region make Africa a natural choice of focus for us. African markets, especially Nigeria with its large population and growth of digital streaming services, are primed for the democratisation of content.

“Mondia is firmly focused on changing the way people consume entertainment. We have incredible reach and deep understanding of the geographies in which we operate, with over 1.4bn potential users in these countries.”

Mondia said it believed that Nigeria “is a great local content hub for Africa” with its media and entertainment industry, Nollywood, providing world-class content.

A statement by the company said, “Nigeria is also currently the second-largest film producer in the world in terms of the number of movies. The local industry employs about one million people and generates over $7bn for the economy, and Mondia is excited to help provide another platform for this content.”

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