MWUN demands equal pay for expatriates, indigenous workers

The Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria has gone against hiring of more expatriates by terminal operators and paying them more than their local counterparts who perform the same job.

President-General of MWUN, Adewale Adeyanju, disclosed this at the 5th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference in Lagos.

Adeyanju, who was re-elected for the second term in office as PG of the union, warned that the era where expatriates were employed and given undue advantage over indigenous workers would no longer be tolerated.

He said he was not against employment of expatriates, but the discrimination against indigenous workers.

According to him, the expatriates and indigenous workers should earn equal salaries because the indigenous workers are the ones doing the job.

Earlier, he had stated that the union was in support of the call by the Nigeria Labour Congress on the National Assembly not to move wages/salaries from exclusive to the concurrent legislative list.

“We call on the National Assembly to drop the attempt to remove wages/salaries from the exclusive legislative list to the concurrent legislative list. We strongly stand by the NLC in its call for abolition of this process,” he said.

Anozie Egole
Anozie Egole
Anozie Egole is a Transport correspondent. He reports Maritime, Aviation and Rail/Road Transport for Financial Street.

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