Nigeria will stop importing floating glass by 2023, says MAN

The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria has predicted that by 2023 Nigeria will stop importing floating glass.

The Vice President of MAN, John Aluya, told Financial Street on Tuesday that China had invested $150m reducing importation of the product to less than five per cent in the last two years.

Aluya said, “We are projecting that in two years, there should be no more importation of floating glass in Nigeria. I will give you an example of the floating glass industry to which I belong. We used to import glass every year but in the last two years, the importation dropped significantly to less than five per cent because we now produce them in Nigeria.

“We are doing our best but our constraint is the environment. The business environment in Nigeria is not friendly.”

He added, “It cost about $150m to set up a floating line. We don’t have the capital but the Chinese came in with the capital and they have set up the floor line which is running now.”

Aluya reiterated that members of MAN are making efforts to ensure that most products used in the country are produced locally.

Anozie Egole
Anozie Egole
Anozie Egole is a Transport correspondent. He reports Maritime, Aviation and Rail/Road Transport for Financial Street.

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