Nigerian firm introduces crèche to improve work–life balance

Xpress Payment Solutions Limited has launched a crèche to improve work–life balance in the Nigerian workspace.

At the launch, the Managing Director, Dr Makie Idowu,revealed that the target was to make the organisation the best place to work.

According to the financial service company, workers’ satisfaction will reflect on the growth of the company.

Idowu said, “Anything we can do to make staff comfortable, we will do. I went through that stage and a lot of what I do now is looking for work–life balance. That is why we said, if we have a crèche, they will be comfortable.

“We are a fintech company, and we have a lot of young mothers here, who have a challenge. If they have to come to work, then where do they keep their children? How do you ensure that whoever you leave your child with is taking care of the child.”

One of the directors of Xpress Payment Solutions, Susan Ochia, at the launch, expressed delight on the launch of the crèche.

“There is great joy in my heart seeing that the nursing mothers in the company do not have difficulties taking care of their children. They bring their kids here and they go to work, which is much better and comfortable to everybody.

“When your kids are comfortable and you know where they are, you’ll be comfortable working,” Ochia said.

While encouraging other organisations to embrace the step taken by Xpress Payment Solutions, Ochia said, “If they have room and reason to expand, they will. I will encourage them to do that.”

The MD added, “The crèche does not even have to be for women alone. It’s not really a women thing, although women are perceived to look after the children more. We encourage other companies to do it; not just in the fintech space, but manufacturing companies and others.

“You will think you’re spending, but the gain is enormous. For instance, if your members of staff have peace of mind, you are actually gaining more. What it will cost you in building a crèche is not as much as what you will lose in staff time.”

A nursing mother and staff member of Xpress Payment, Yetunde Akinlolu-Peter, expressed joy in the initiative.

She added, “While on maternity leave, I was making different calls. The fact that we are in the Government Reserved Area, some charge as much as N30,000. Due to this, I could not do exclusive (breastfeeding).

“This crèche is an opportunity to continue with exclusive breastfeeding and have a work–life balance. It is a very good initiative and I appreciate it.”

Pelumi Bolawa
Pelumi Bolawa
Pelumi Bolawa is a content developer, writer, researcher and photographer. An intern at Financial Street, Pelumi is also a development administrator.

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