Nigerians spent N2tn on fuel, electricity in 2019 – NBS

Over N2tn was spent on fuel and electricity by Nigerian households in 2019, according to latest data by the National Bureau of Statistics.

The new report on consumption expenditure released by NBS stated that household expenditure on fuel and electricity accounted for 11.57 percent of the total non-food consumption expenditure in 2019.

Households spent N2.59tn on transport; N2.46tn on health; N2.43tn on education; N2.22tn on services including telecoms and N2.12tn on rent.

Clothing, household goods, entertainment and water gulped N1.82tn, N1.14tn, N428.22bn, and N192.60bn respectively, the report showed.

The data showed the total household expenditure on food and non-food for 2019 was N40.21tn, compared to N21.62tn in 2009/2010.

“Of this total, 56.65 percent (60.2 percent in 2009/10) of total household expenditure in 2019 was spent on food with a balance of about 43.35 percent (39.8 percent in 2009/10) spent on non-food items,” the NBS explained.

According to the NBS, foods consumed outside the home, followed by transportation costs and starchy roots, tubers and plantains were responsible for the largest proportion of household expenditure, representing a combined 24.16 percent of total household expenditure in 2019.

It added that various foods consumed outside the home, starchy roots, tubers and plantains, rice, vegetables, fish and seafood, grains and flours were the top food items households spent on in 2019.

They accounted for a combined 59.19 percent of food expenditure, 33.53 percent of total household expenditure on food, and 24.8 percent of total household expenditure, noted the NBS.

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