Nweke joins Enugu guber race, promises transparent leadership

Nigeria’s former Minister of Information and Communications, Frank Nweke II, has declared interest in the Enugu State governorship seat.

Disclosing this on Saturday in Enugu, the two-time minister, who recently joined the All Progressives Grand Alliance from the Peoples Democratic Party, promised to serve with diligence, transparency and accountability.

He also said he was poised to contest the position, as his life’s journey had prepared him to serve Enugu people.

“It was my time at the community county council during which I visited the then 209 communities in Enugu that the seed of my passion for service was first ignited. I saw, first-hand, the primitive and agonising living conditions of our people and their deep yearning for the most basic needs of human existence. This state of affairs remains true even today, and the time to change it is now,” he declared.

According to him, Enugu is not immune from the multi-dimensional crises plaguing other states in Nigeria; but with its high youth population, the state is rather at risk of becoming an epicentre of the gathering storm.

His words, “We face urban fragility in our towns and cities, as systems are overwhelmed by the demand for jobs, social goods and services, as well as living fundamentals such as housing, transportation, an intractable water crisis, poor electricity supply and low Internet broadband access.

“An attendant surge in crimes such as kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, rape and domestic violence, substance abuse, cults and gang-related violence are direct consequences of the high level of unemployment, hopelessness and general breakdown of law and order.”

Nweke, however, maintained that with a “clear vision, disciplined and transparent leadership and solid team”, Enugu would be returned to the path of progress and its position as the capital of Nigeria’s former Eastern Region and home to Ndigbo and Nigerians.

Disclosing that his team is already working out a clear roadmap to transform Enugu into a safe, smart, prosperous, inclusive and sustainable state, he said, “We are poised to make Enugu a 21st century success story in Africa, anchored on our values and ethos.”

He stated that his leadership “will prioritise and invest in women, youth, children and technology as key catalysts and foundations for far-reaching socio-cultural, political and economic transformation.”

It will also be intentional in closing gender gap and inclusive representation in governance.

“I have walked the markets of Enugu, knelt in the churches, driven on our roads, walked on our urban roads and village pathways, sat in children’s classrooms, spent time with our pregnant mothers, transport workers and vulnerable groups, shared memories with our weary and aged, had sessions with some teachers and pensioners (who are still unfortunately owed after decades of service),” he asserted.

Commending the efforts of the present administration in the state, he added, “There is so much work to be done. I have, therefore, come to the decision to run for the position of Governor of Enugu, only after very deep personal reflection and prayer, based on the unflinching belief that, given the chance, my team and I will elevate governance.

“My sole and abiding interest in public office is to serve, work for the wellbeing of the citizens, transform lives and leave a meaningful legacy.”

Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex reports the Capital Market, Energy, and ICT. He is a skilled webmaster and digital media enthusiast.

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