Ogundoyin exits Nexford, focuses on Sooyah Bistro expansion

Founding member and first Nigeria Country Director of Nexford University, Mrs Olamidun Ogundoyin, has taken a bow from the American university to build Sooyah Bistro into a global brand amid its million dollar expansion plans.

Ogundoyin was the country director, who pioneered Nexford University in Nigeria, between 2018 and 2023.

Before Thursday’s confirmation, business analysts and keen observers of activities at the university speculated, for several months, her true designation.

In putting the speculations to rest, she said the focus had since shifted to expanding Sooyah Bistro, a fast-rising Quick Service Restaurant chain, with outlets in Nigeria.

“Sooyah Bistro has its eyes set on expanding nationally and internationally. The company is seeking new investors to enable it achieve its million-dollar expansion plans,” the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer stated.

According to Ogundoyin, Sooyah Bistro has been tried, tested and validated in one of the most challenging business environments in the world and continues to see tremendous growth.

“We have brought innovation to an age-old tradition and ran with it; we have completely innovated the suya space in ways no one has ever done before.

“The company has built an ecosystem of skilled Hausa barbecuers and pitmasters, local vendors and young professionals. We have achieved remarkable feats,” she said.

The startup QSR chain believes that food is culture and has the power to transform and uplift communities.

Ogundoyin added, “We are changing the way people eat and think about ethnic foods like suya. We are building connections in meaningful ways to lead and engage culture by using food as a bridge to West African art, music, fashion and beyond.

The educationist-turned-restaurateur advised business owners to be alert and prioritise structure in their companies. “To achieve our ambitious targets, we needed to build proper structures and remain data- and technology-driven,” said the owner of two successful Nigerian businesses.

She explained that the constant need to champion her path was one of the circumstances that brought her this far, adding, “It is time we boasted of true Nigerian successful enterprises expanding our culture and cuisine globally with the support of modern structures and technology.”

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