Post-COVID-19 fate of SMEs, employers worries LADOL

LADOL Free Zone, Nigeria’s indigenous oil and gas logistics provider, has called for increased local production and support of local companies.

According to LADOL, over 80 per cent of the jobs in Nigeria come from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and “they must be supported to get through this pandemic.”

Chairman of LADOL, LadiJadesimi, made the call while responding to inquiries about the company’s contribution to the private sector collaboration against the COVID-19.

He said LADOL had made a monetary donation to the Nigerian government to support the fight against the virus, which has killed 10 and infected over 320 people in the country as at Monday, April 13, 2020.

“Nigerians and all Africans need to be patient and persevere – we can get through this together. At 78 years of age, I have seen Nigeria come through many challenges, but this is an exceptional one. However, I know that Nigerians have the fortitude to triumph through adversity,” said Jadesimi.

He declined to state the amount donated by the company, but said the donation had been made to the Central Bank of Nigeria as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

Jadesimi stated that the company joined the coalition because it saw the government on the right track in handling the crisis.

“In fact, as confirmed by the United Nations, the government of Nigeria’s response has been one of the best in the world,” he said.

He also confirmed that in addition to the donation, LADOL was providing food and Personal Protective Equipment for its staff and the local community – with food and protective kits being distributed to the local community.

“We want to support the local communities to ensure that they stay at home and follow government’s advice. I wish that all Nigerians can come together at this time and support each other, so we can come through this stronger than ever.

“One thing I have learnt building LADOL is that patience and perseverance are needed to succeed – private sector would need to coordinate closely with government and we should understand that our support will be needed for the long-term – as getting through this crisis will be a marathon not a sprint,” he said.

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