Shopkite reels out benefits of inventory app

Shopkite Merchant has said that its new mobile app will allow neighbourhood stores to manage their retail outlets and keep track of daily inventory in the easiest way possible.

The Co-founder, Mr Damola Ogubambo, in a statement on Thursday, noted that the mobile app would allow users do related paper works.

“If you randomly ask a merchant (or retailer) what the total worth of their products are, they are very likely not to be able to answer. With Shopkite Merchant, however, this is possible in a split second. Just like you can check your account balance through your banking app, merchants can check the ‘account balance’ of their store through the Shopkite Merchant mobile app,” the company stated.

Other features of the app include tracking and monitoring sales and other store activities from anywhere; getting reminders of low stock and expiry dates; scanning product barcodes and printing receipts wirelessly for customers without electricity; and managing multiple branches or stores from one place, the company explained.

The statement read in part, “As a merchant or store owner, you most likely won’t be at your store all the time. In periods like this, you are probably reaching out via phone calls to check on your sales agent about happenings in the store. This is over with Shopkite Merchant. Just like you get notifications when someone sends you WhatsApp message, you will get notified of every activity happening in your store.

“With Shopkite Merchant, you get to scan product barcodes and print receipts instantly for your customers with your phone and a portable Bluetooth-powered rechargeable mobile printer.”

According to Shopkite, “Merchants who have branches can get to manage all their stores easily with the Shopkite Merchant inventory management app.

These were just a few of the numerous benefits that Shopkite Merchant mobile app could offer, the company added.

Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex reports the Capital Market, Energy, and ICT. He is a skilled webmaster and digital media enthusiast.

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