SPPG holds virtual matriculation ceremony for new students 

School of Politics, Policy and Governance will hold its 2023 matriculation for new students into its Class of 2024.  To attend, log on to: thesppg.org/C2024Matric

The virtual ceremony, which holds on Friday, November 3, 2023 by 6pm (WAT), will enable the institution commence the 2024 academic session.

SPPG has, for years, helped in unifying and reawakening political consciousness among Africans to fix the continent’s leadership crisis.

The school provides opportunity for Africans, who have been waiting to help build a new model and pipeline of public leadership to reverse acute governance failure and leadership gaps in the continent. 

It had extended the late admission into its prestigious Class of 2024 till October 20, 2023 to allow more students to enroll for the session.

The school  a unique Public Leadership Preparation initiative, says the late admission window aligned with its mission and commitment to attract exceptional talents and students.

SPPG, which made provision for scholarship, said all applicants are required to have a minimum educational qualification of B.Sc/BA or HND; be able to demonstrate commitment to public leadership and that ability to successfully execute projects will be an advantage.

Established in 2020, SPPG is building a pipeline of new and disruptive-thinking political class, with a mission to transform the quality of political and public leadership in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. 

It educates present and future leaders that are committed to public good and ready to serve the well-being of all Nigerians. 

The school delivers an unconventional multi-disciplinary curriculum aimed at producing a massive base of ethical, competent and capable public leadership with the requisite knowledge and skills to solve complex development problems in the continent. 

It has, so far, graduated three cohorts of students, including the #Pioneer Class of 2021 (160), #Class of 2022 (133) and #Class of 2023 (184). 

According to the school, consistent with the SPPG.org mission, many of its graduates run for elective offices across various parties, while others pursue leadership careers in the public and private sectors, as well as civil society.

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