Supporting gender equality

This offering explains why we must break the gender equality bias.

Gender equality is an essential philosophy that every generation and age has always tried to communicate in one way or another. This is because when there is gender equality, everyone gets a chance to make impact and effect change at their different levels and space. This will help to reduce violence and bring about economic prosperity to society.

Young people have been raised in environments where they see women limited to managing the home and taking up menial responsibilities with no adequate room for professional advancement in any area of life. The female children a groomed to help their mothers to take care of the house and attend to the domestic needs of their fathers and brothers.

With such a mindset, the male children feel superior to the female ones and therefore subject them to tasks that will yield no skill development in them. When these ladies grow up to a certain age, they start pushing themselves to achieve more, despite the boundaries that have been set by society.

Have you taken out time to look around and study the activities that go on in our world? One thing that you will notice is the existence of filled spaces in inventions or innovations, which were contributions made by women, who, despite the pressure and negligence that they experienced, were relentless in contributing to society.

The relevance of gender equality is undeniably evident in today’s world. We have seen women, who were given few opportunities to effect change, totally transforming the world with their inventions, innovations and creativity.


Below are four reasons you should support gender equality

Safe environment: It is often believed that most societies that provide equal opportunities for both men and women are safer and healthier. In such communities, no gender feels superior to the other and as such encourages constructive criticism and not bullying.

Improved healthcare: It is generally believed that women receive worse medical attention than men. Although there is little research on this, from the daily activities around us, it is obvious that men tend to get better treatments because they earn more money than most women and can as such pay for their desired medical services, unlike the women, who are mostly average earners and are basically trying to feed well and get their dailies.

Business growth: The mental setup of a woman makes her valuable to any organisation that she is part of. She is a good manager, a great thinker and a result-oriented personality. She is most times a proactive team player, who brings in the very best ideas to the table.

Research has proven that organisations that are diversified in gender, race and sexual identity are more productive.

Reduces poverty: When the two lead members of the family (man and wife) are both productive and are bringing in money, the bills are easily paid, which helps to reduce pressure, as all essential financial needs are being met by both parties as compared to when just one individual brings in the money needed in the home.

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