Ways women can position themselves for better tech jobs

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, not to diminish the import of the saying, which really holds true; but the makers of this statement could not have envisioned today’s technology. The fact is, technology today is mightier than anything. 

Today, the “tech” industry has so blossomed that the largest and most profitable companies are tech companies. These tech companies invented many of the products or inventions that have impacted the world.

Simply put, their products and inventions have radically changed the world, such that most people are reliant on these inventions for all the activities in their daily lives. And as anyone who understands how the market works would note, those who own or are in control of what is in demand have a certain level of power and influence over others. This is the case with the tech industries.


Women in tech

For all its popularity and influence in the world today, the tech industry really does not have many women in it. It is primarily a male-dominated industry and there are various reasons this is so. It has to be pointed out that this is an issue, which has to be properly handled.


How women can position themselves for better opportunities in the tech industry

As earlier stated, there are many reasons there are more men than women in the tech industry. Unlike some people, who would want to attribute it all to misogyny or bias, it really is not. Rather, a culmination of various factors that, if worked on a bit, would change the dynamics of the current situation. Examples of the ways this can be achieved are:


-Embracing STEM courses

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and it is a glaring fact that many women are not interested in these courses. However, these are the courses that produce those who become innovators in the tech industry. Therefore, women should be encouraged to embrace these courses as it gives them the first stepping stone into these fields.


-Taking leadership opportunities

Another reason women can become more involved in the tech industry is by grabbing leadership opportunities when they come. The fact is, not everyone in the tech industry is a techie, there are those in management and leadership and these industries will always need people in those positions. This is why women should go for leadership opportunities and try to prove themselves there.


-Being ready to explore

Another habit or attitude that women should strive to adopt is the openness or willingness to explore opportunities in the tech industry and, even in life generally, do not just meet you at your comfort zone. Step out; you might just be lucky.


-Being ready and willing to learn

It does happen (quite a lot even) that people get jobs or engagements in areas outside their academic qualifications. Surprisingly, some of these people end up doing extraordinarily well in this area of endeavour that is outside their qualifications. The simple reason this is possible: they were willing to learn.


-Finding a mentor

Another smart way to position oneself for better opportunities in tech is by finding a mentor. With a mentor who is experienced in the aspect of life that you are interested in, you have the advantage of standing on the shoulders of the individual, get guidance from them and learning from their experiences.


-Helping others

As you grow in the tech field, it also follows that many people will look up to you for guidance. You must not be a CEO to do this; rather, for the little challenges that you have overcome, help others overcome it too, so that your goodwill curriculum vitae will be building up.



The tech industry is one that has come to stay. It also usually has well-paying job opportunities. Women should not exclusively be sidelined in this field, as there are many benefits to reap from there.

Creative space has set up programmes that will help educate women on better ways to position themselves for job opportunities in the tech industry.

You or your organisation can be a part of this change by either partnering with us or donating to our programmes. This will help us to reach out to more women and create the world of our dreams.

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