#FixPolitics hails Lagos panel’s report on Lekki shooting

#FixPolitics has welcomed the #EndSARS Judicial Panel report, stating that the report should mark a major moment in Nigeria’s quest for good governance.

The Lagos State Government had set up the panel to probe the event of October 20, 2020, during which young Nigerians were shot dead by soldiers in a peaceful protest.

In a statement on Tuesday signed by #FixPolitics’ Executive Director, Anthony Ubani, the group joined other organisations in calling for the implementation of the report.

The ‘#FixPolitics’ Statement on the Report of the Judicial Panel Investigating the October 20, 2020 #EndSARS Protest at the Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos State’ read in part, “The findings demonstrate the great need and critical importance of holding all those who wield power and authority accountable to the people, as well as prove that truth and justice are the foundations upon which lasting peace, security and progress are built.”

It urged Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion and bring anyone culpable to book.

“This includes identifying those who invited the military, issued the order to shoot at peaceful protesters and asked that the crime scene be cleaned up, thus destroying the evidence of the shootings.

“Only the complete delivery of justice, seen and attested to by all, plus the speedy compensation of the victims of this ‘massacre’ can help to bring some measure of relief and closure for the many families still grieving as a result of the horrific events of October 20, 2020,” #FixPolitics added.

The group noted that contrary to the “repeated denials” by government officials, the report pronounced that Nigerians were indeed murdered on that fateful day.

#Fixpolitics also said, “Such individuals should be called to account for their misguided claims, especially given that no inquiry into the matter had yet been conducted. This should be a lesson in the practice of good governance.

“The eyes of the entire world are on Nigeria at this time. Various countries like the United Kingdom and the United States of America, international organisations like Amnesty International, as well as the United Nations, have issued statements expressing the hope that the findings of the #EndSARS Report would be implemented, to build trust in government institutions and strengthen democracy in the country.”

The group further said that  the “regular unleashing of police and military force upon innocent citizens” must be immediately addressed.

“Why is the government afraid of citizens protesting peacefully? Should the role of the police not be to provide cover and security for citizens during such protests? More significantly, why should the military be brought out to shoot flag-waving, National Anthem-singing civilian citizens?” the group queried.

#Fixpolitics vowed to continue sharing the shock and horror at the bloody events of October 20, 2020 and reaffirm its demands for good governance and social justice.

“We demand that the socio-economic maladies in our polity, which compelled our youths to launch that peaceful protest be decisively addressed.”

The group also said it would continue to advocate for the single amendment to the 1999 Constitution to allow for a referendum.

“This is a critical first step towards empowering and giving a voice to Nigerian citizens – the voice which was denied the #EndSARS protesters,” it added.

Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex
Ehime Alex reports the Capital Market, Energy, and ICT. He is a skilled webmaster and digital media enthusiast.

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