How to participate in climate change advocacy

Being part of moves to make the environment healthy and safe is a great commitment, whether young or old, weak or strong. It all boils down to identifying the various ways one can contribute and make good impact.

From our previous article, lots of people were amazed at the little ways that we can ensure better recycling of used items. In this article, we share ways through which everyone can be part of the climate change advocacy.


Social media

Social media platforms have, over time, become a great asset to the climate change advocacy. It gives one the opportunity to reach millions of people at different locations with different languages within a short time.

Now, you can curate contents that will not only inform but also educate your audience on how to recycle used products.


Act accordingly within your neighbourhood

One of the strongest beliefs of all times is that people learn more of what they see you do than what they hear you say. People around us pay attention to some of the things we do without our knowledge. They filter our activities, pick the ones they find useful and trash the rest. This calls for a constant review of the kind of activities we carry out in our neighbourhood. We should consciously ensure that our activities portray proper recycling of used items. Let your children be seen properly recycling used plastics and getting them ready to be used again. With this, you are building a very strong consciousness in the mind of your neighbours that not all used items or containers should be discarded. Some of them can serve other purposes; we just need to fish them out.


Share your thoughts

Sharing the knowledge you have on recycling to every one in your space is another way to contribute to the movement. Yes, nothing is too small to do. You can go ahead to tell your friends or colleagues how you make sure that waste is drastically reduced in your environment. Share with them how you look for better ways to recycle your used cans and plastics.


Use your skill

Everyone has a skill that they can leverage to create climate change awareness. No skill/industry should be neglected because it can serve as an avenue to reach out to people, create awareness and instruct them on the right way to live.

Those in the music industry can write songs that will fully communicate this move. The same goes for writers, actors, public speakers and teachers.


Invest your CSR funds wisely

Channel your company’s Cooperate Social Responsibility funds to programmes that promote activities that gear towards climate change advocacy. With these funds, your organisation is able to make more impact than expected. GoDo Hub (GoDoHub.Org), in collaboration with Climateaction.Africa run series of programmes that promote circular economic activities and encourage proper recycling of plastics.

We are open for sponsorship, partnership and donations.

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