Four things to know about climate change

A writer once tagged the climate change story as a crime story that reveals how humans carry out activities that are harmful to plants and animals, and even human beings.


Climate change

Climate change has to do with significant shifts that affect the planet’s temperature, precipitation, wind patterns and a host of other measures of climate. For instance, due to the massive release of Greenhouse Gases, the ozone layer, which moderates the heat from the sun, is depleted and the heat is trapped, thereby causing a serious rise in temperature.  

The media has not failed to share reports of how unbearable the earth is becoming. These issues range from the floods in Germany and Belgium to the emission of more non-absorbable carbon dioxide in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest.


Causes of climate change

In times past, natural trees were all over the place, absorbing and storing carbon dioxide, thereby reducing the amount of carbon that goes into the atmosphere.

But with the discovery of the various uses of wood, more trees are felled, making more carbons available to the atmosphere. Remember, plants use carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, while animals (including humans) take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Another major known cause of climate change in our planet today is the GHGs generated by humans who use oil, gas and coal for energy used in their homes, offices and industries.

The increase in the world’s technological advancement has undeniably contributed to the pollution of our environment. The invention of electricity, cars and heavy duty machines that run on coal, oil and gas continues to increase the level of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere.


Are GHGs entirely useless?

Of course, GHGs are equally important, as they play major roles in keeping the planet warm to sustain life.

The challenge is that the amount that goes into the atmosphere has increased in recent times that it is becoming a matter of concern to the general wellbeing of individuals around the globe.


Way out

Truth be told, the remedy to the current state of our climate conditions is in our hands. We all have specific roles to play and one should therefore not push his responsibility to another.

Climate advocates are tirelessly doing their best. So, the least we can do is to adequately participate in the advocacy for change by doing any of the following:

  • Financially support programmes that create awareness and strategic solutions to the existing climate issues,
  • Advocate against the production of non-reusable materials,
  • Support renewable energy development and support energy conservation. 

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