Netflix to honour Nigeria’s Ikorodu Bois, others

Movie streaming service, Netflix, is putting the spotlight on global fans inspired by its movies.

The Netflix Oscar Weekend Film brand campaign will feature Nigeria’s own Ikorodu Bois to remind fans that they are the most important part of the movies.

In a statement made available to Financial Street, Netflix Vice President, Brand, Eric Pallotta said, “We want to celebrate everyone’s love of movies. It feels like the perfect time, and reason, to give the spotlight to the Bois.”

Ikorodu Bois came into limelight after their remake of 2020 movie trailer, ‘Extraction’, caught the eyes of movie lovers all over the world.

According to Babatunde Sanni, Director of Ikorodu Bois, “We (the group) love movies because it gives us the inspiration we need, puts us in the best mood and allows us a glimpse into the lives of amazing people.”

Ikorodu Bois is a group of boys who remake movie trailers for fun using DIY craft. “We want to show the world that things can be achieved with the use of little stuffs,” Sanni added.

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