Role of coop in tech startups empowerment


One of the critical aspects of a country’s economy is its market and the businesses that thrive in it. In fact, it is often said that businesses, especially small businesses, are the lifeblood of any economy and, thus, if they are doing well, it can be calculated that the country’s economy is doing well.

Sadly, while many are interested in the economy being in good shape, they usually do not give much thought to the entrepreneur that starts it and who usually has a hard time starting it at all. Again, though we live in a time where there’s great value for tech products, many do not give much thought to the tech entrepreneur. Many, even those in the corporate world have not thought of ways to empower them and their startups. However, there are quite a number of ways that these startups can be helpful to each other – by forming a cooperative society.



This is a company that is still in its formative stages. At this point in the life of the organisation, many things are not yet sorted out. Statistics show that this is one of the hardest times for the startup and for the entrepreneur, as majority of these startups go under within two years of establishment. This points to the fact that they need all the help they can get at this point to stand and deliver the services it has set out to.


Tech startups

These are startups that have as their core purpose or mandate the creation or provision of technological tools and services. This aspect of entrepreneurship is getting quite popular these days because of the way technology has dominated our world. Despite this dominance, however, these tech entrepreneurs still find it very difficult breaking through the barriers that face them in their journey to deliver the promise of their services.


Cooperate society

These organisations also known as cooperatives (or coop) are a body of persons that come together to form an association that will benefit them socially, economically or for whatever purpose that they were founded. The idea behind the formation of these societies is the principle of two heads being better than one, and the aim is that by pooling their resources together, each member will be able to achieve their economic goals much more easily.

One major advantage of being a cooperative society member is that the huge sum or target that you ordinarily would be racking your head on how to attempt suddenly becomes easier. For techpreneurs, some of the benefits they can gain from forming cooperatives include:

Team effort with like-minds

As earlier stated, a challenge that a single individual or their small organisation might be trying to tackle suddenly becomes easier in the presence of like-minded people. Obviously, this doesn’t mean team effort in such a way that your idea gets stolen; rather, it means getting the needed help in various areas that you do not have capacity to undertake yourself e.g. logistics and finances.

Attracting investors

Another area that a cooperative can really be helpful is attracting investment. A cooperative has more chances of attracting investors than any single startup, especially if it has been proven that the cooperative has been run effectively.



Tech startups have come to stay, as we live in a society that is very much digital. The task of running these startups until they become successful is not an easy one and, in most cases, the techpreneur will need help. Where no other option is available, the techpreneur could join a cooperative or, better still, form a cooperative of like-minds and soldier on from there.

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