Siemens conference reveals 10 priorities for successful energy transformation pathway

Siemens Energy has published the main priorities to enable facilitate a successful long-term energy transition and enable countries to thrive in the lower-carbon world.

These findings were based on the discussions held during its MEA Energy Week.

The virtual conference, which was held from 19–21 October, brought together regional government and the private sector representatives, from across the energy and finance sectors, to share perspectives and inform opinions on how best to navigate the energy transition.

Advancing the decarbonised energy transformation and fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and co-creation between stakeholders can help meet the world’s sustainability goals, while boosting economic growth, creating new jobs and industries and improving human welfare by 2050.

“The balance of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources is shifting towards a decarbonised portfolio and around 850m people are still living without access to electricity when according to studies, global demand for energy could even increase by around 25 per cent by 2040.

“So the question is how to bridge into an affordable, reliable and sustainable power supply, while improving energy access,” said Christian Bruch, President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Energy.

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